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About us
The City's Top Model Entrepreneur was founded by Chelsey Baker, a model and one of the UK's leading female entrepreneurs. Richard Farleigh popular dragon from BBC's Dragons Den has joined Chelsey in launching The City's Top Model Entrepreneur.
Chelsey is a true inspiration to women in enterprise and to those thinking of starting their own business. Having worked as a model whilst building her media empire, Chelsey created "The City's Top Model Entrepreneur" as a new benchmark for women in business. "The press would often describe me as having a lethal combination of business acumen with the looks of a world class model, so I thought why not create a competition that emulates the two worlds that have been my passion and my life?".
Richard is delighted to be a partner and judge in this innovative new event where he'll be on the lookout for his next investment opportunity. "This is an incredible opportunity for female enterprise and to showcase the talent that London has to offer, this competition is what London has been waiting for and I am keen to see what business pitches will evolve from this unique show that encompasses business and beauty."  
Chelsey is known as one of the UK's leading female entrepreneurs and advisor to many blue chip companies, a TV presenter appearing on Fashion TV and regularly on the Midas Touch panel at the Business Start-Up show where she advises other entrepreneurs alongside fellow entrepreneurs Peter Jones, Brad Rosser, Rachel Elnaugh and Jonathan Jay. Chelsey has been featured extensively in the national media for her work in broadcast television, pioneering innovative TV formats. As an advisor on the stock market and business coach she has mentored many individuals and has already helped many aspiring models and presenters break into the industry. Chelsey is the host of the Fractional Life Expo in the City and the face and muse of celebrity designer Charles Svingholm
As an experienced and well respected face in business, Chelsey launched this unique competition to encourage more women with entrepreneurial skills to consider starting their own business. "We are searching for undiscovered talent in London and my challenge is to find a winner for this exclusive competition and help realise their ambition to become a successful entrepreneur.
There is so much synergy between the worlds of business, fashion and beauty and I'm looking for potential winners who possess business acumen, the passion for success, drive, determination and the innovation to become the UK's next success story.
Having already helped many aspiring models and presenters break into the industry and by mentoring women in business, Chelsey has a strong commitment to give something back. Through her own risk and belief, she has changed the perceptions of how women in business are perceived.
Richard Farleigh is one of Europe's most successful investors who made enough money to retire to Monte Carlo at the age of just 34. Richard joined the Dragon's Den panel in 2006 where he was arguably the one dragon who made the most offers compared with the other dragons throughout his time on the show. Richard's book: Taming the Lion: 100 Secret Strategies for Investing was published in 2005 and his rag to riches story sets him apart from most other entrepreneurs.

Since 1994 Richard has invested in over 70 early stage companies and has made millions from investing his own capital in British companies. Known as the UK's "business angel," Richard's passion for private equity investments continues and he is always looking out for inspiring people with the new ideas.
Chelsey is recognised for her work in broadcast television, pioneering innovative TV formats and consulting to some of the leading names in television. As a recognised face on screen and with her in depth knowledge behind the camera, Chelsey has been featured extensively in the national media.
Acting as a mentor and advisor to many blue chip companies Chelsey is a public speaker at many business events and contributes a great deal of time in helping and advising other entrepreneurs.

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